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High-quality therapy can support you as you embark on the exciting endeavor to get the most out of your life, make important changes and move toward reaching your potential. This journey can have a profound effect on your relationships, your work and – importantly – your inner self. My goal as your therapist is to help you access your innate ability to turn moments of confusion or emotional pain into insightful clarity.

As individuals, we all face challenges in different areas of our lives. We may discover our interactions with our partners and family members are complex and require expert guidance. At times we may experience anxiety or depression. Sometimes individuals seek help when faced with a difficult loss or life choice.

Often couples and families see me to create a space where they can talk about difficult topics and work through the challenges they may be experiencing. I can help couples make critical decisions about their marriage, relationships, and other significant choices.

Guiding parents is also a significant part of my work: I can help you help your child or adolescent, while at other times I can work directly with all or some members of a family.

I use a mixture of play therapy, art techniques and talk therapy with children and adolescents. Some of my young clients have special learning issues that have led to adjustment challenges or emotional distress; others may have difficult situations that are resulting in behavioral problems, social difficulties or anxiety.

I am fluent in French and Spanish and can provide therapy for clients in these languages.

As a licensed psychotherapist with over 20 years of extensive, diverse experience, I offer psychotherapy and consultation in my Hayes Valley office, close to the Civic Center corridor of San Francisco.

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