About Julie Tapley


I love my clients. It takes such strength and bravery to come to therapy and delve into your emotional world.


I do not take the responsibility of being a therapist lightly, and have spent many years of training.

My schooling

  • 1993 Masters of Psychology – New College
  • 1988 Bachelors of Art in Psychology – UCLA
  • 1983 Undergraduate Studies –Columbia University

My schooling didn’t end there however. Here are some of the most important trainings I’ve done in the last few decades.

EMDR an incredible mind-body approach that can treat trauma, relational difficulties, creative blocks and more. I started the training in 2001 and am now a fully certified EMDR therapist.

Couples therapy: I trained in a few different models but now am most inspired by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). I love EFT because it helps individuals understand their own feelings and behaviors and their partners, too. With this understanding, couples can stop fighting, strengthen their foundation, and develop incredibly deep bonds.

Taoist and European Alchemy and Buddhist mindfulness approaches:  Some of the best approaches to calming our nervous system and harnessing our innate energy can be found in some very old spiritual traditions. Modern neuroscience keeps producing more and more findings to support the wisdom of these approaches.

I have taught and supervised  clinicians over the years. I taught at St. Mary’s Hospital, Oakes Children’s Center Doctoral training program, guest lectured at USF and the Wright Institute. I currently teach a couples therapy seminar to the psychology staff at Baywell Psychiatry Clinic.

I’m originally from the midwest but developed wanderlust early! I lived in France, New York and LA, traveled through SE Asia and Mexico before making SF my home thirty years ago. I still marvel at the beautiful produce (even in winter!) and all the beautiful nature.


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