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You may be trying to navigate the dating world, and wondering why you are repeating negative relationship patterns. Maybe issues from your childhood keep surfacing and prevent you from acting in your own best interests. You may want to change a habit, behavior or overcome an addiction. Sometimes anger or anxiety is your constant, unwanted companion. Perhaps you are suffering from creative blocks or procrastination. You may be faced with a life transition, an illness or a loss. You may simply have the sense that you aren’t fully accessing your full potential for happiness and growth.

There is so much in life we can’t control, but an effective therapist can help you sort through the choices. Processing your deepest feelings with the help of a therapist can greatly reduce suffering and pain. Therapy gives you a forum where you can tell your story, get authentic and helpful feedback, and determine whether your actions are congruent with your desire for change and personal development.

I work actively and collaboratively with you, based on your own stated desires and needs. I use many effective and diverse approaches that we can explore together.

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