Marriage and Couples Counseling using EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy)


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Are you in a new relationship and want to do it “right” this time?

Or, are you in a long -term relationship and you miss the excitement and connection from the early days?

Are you not sure you are going to make it as a couple?

Has your sex life flattened out, or are you finding your needs for sex and intimacy are different than your partners?

Is it hard to nurture your couples’ relationship because of all the responsibilities of work and family?

Has there been a betrayal, an affair, or a big disillusion?

Is there a big decision on the horizon: Where to live, whether to have a child, whether to break up or stay together?

Do you go in circles with the same arguments or avoid the topic all together?

Why is it so hard to be a couple?

As a relationship deepens, so do our responses to the frustrations of daily life. A small criticism or oversight leads to unbearable anger and disappointment. Couples go through big calamities – job loss, illness – that can tear people apart. We start telling ourselves that we don’t matter to our partner, or that we always disappoint them. Such a storm is created that it is hard for a couple to see their way through to the easy fun and intimate connection.

How can couples therapy help?

  • Learn new ways to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner
  • Have discussions that help shift your anger and reactivity
  • Get some assistance working through difficult topics or decisions
  • Increase your good will, love and intimacy.

Not all therapists have training in couples therapy. For me, this is a special passion and interest. In recent years I’ve been doing advanced training in couples and marriage counseling. EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) by Sue Johnson is the biggest influence on my work.

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