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Parenting is one of the most fulfilling, challenging experiences in life. Developing into a consistent, guiding parent is both an innate process and a learned set of skills. As you explore your growth and actions as a parent, I can help you get in touch with your core values so that you can act in authentic, effective ways.

An interesting aspect of parenting is that we have all experienced it –from our own parents. Perhaps the model that was set for you was meaningful and supportive, but perhaps it was not. Together, we can explore the paradigms of your own experience with the goals you have set for yourself and your child.

The world of the child can be stressful and confusing. You may need to help your child with issues around sleep, insomnia, school, anger, anxiety or friendship. In their adolescent years you will have choices to make around parties, curfews, motivation and risky behaviors. Having a place to discuss and define these issues can make you a more secure, better equipped parent.

There are countless books and blogs written by experts who attempt to help you through the difficult challenges of parenting. While many offer worthwhile ideas and plans, none of them know you and your child. Directed, specific consultation around the issues you face daily can go a long way toward helping you create the kind of relationship and family life you want for your children.

In addition, we can work together to explore your child’s strengths and overall development. Often what is seen as a problem is a matter of the right fit for a situation or an adjustment that can be accomplished in ways that are simple and direct.

Each family is unique and requires a flexible approach on the part of the therapist. Sometimes blended or nontraditional families and separated/divorced parents have specific ways they need to work. I can work with a parent alone, two parents, parent(s) and child or the child individually. Together we will discover what model works best for you and your family to bring about the desired results.

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